Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Crafts

Last weekend we had a Halloween party for my youngest daughter. She invited six friends from school. The house was full of kids. I had a couple of crafts planned for the girls.

First, a bat.

Just a few supplies are needed. We cut out a bat form and painted a toilet paper tube for the body. A stick and glue stick are also needed.

Here is my daughter's finished glitter bat.

The second craft was a mask made out of a cheap, dollar store, paper plate. We used a paper plate, a wood stick for a handle and lots of crafting material, like feathers, glitter, markers and stickers.

The great thing about these crafts is that they can both be adapted for any holiday, party or season. We have used the toilet paper tube craft to make a butterfly. I painted the tube in pink and purple and cut out butterfly wings from coloured paper and had the kids decorate the wings. The mask is a great craft no matter the season or holiday.

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